We, at IFC, strongly believe that health is above everything, that is why we wanted to help those at the frontline, cashiers, nurses, doctors and everyone else to equiped themselves with proper protections.
We dedicated the firsts weeks of our lockdown to shift our logistic line to be able to offer all the protective gears necesary and be able to deliver them accross all Europe.

Thanks to our team and our seriousness, we are now one of the few companies to be able to offer approved products accross Europe, they are all approved with the CE standards and we have all the requisite certificats for all of those products.

We are now working with European governments and big companies which are now able to offect protective gears in those shortage times. IFC is proud to be part of this fight and to make a contribution. Together we will overcome this.

Feel free to contact our team to get a our catalog.

Contact : UZAN Alain
Email :  alain.uzan@ifceurope.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 75 92 39 15

Contact: Andreas Hoefermann
Email :  andreas.hoefermann@ifceurope.com
Cell phone : +49 172 26 26 007

Contact (France): Cyril Motz
Email :  cyril.motz@ifceurope.com
Cell phone : +33 (0)6 07 61 13 09