Mobile Communication

mynetfair runs an internet based product platform and performs as a cross-medial marketing service provider. The main focus of the state-of-the-art technology lies on linking print based media (print labels, packaging, brochures, posters etc.) to the mobile phones – primarily via QR-code which can be scanned with smartphones. Via the smartphone of the consumers additional forms of media (videos, picture galleries, PDF files, maps etc.) can be applied for communication that go beyond the possibilities of print and the size of product labels (extended packaging).

Extended Packaging

The camera of your smartphone can scan QR-codes. The mobile phone will then request and display product information. Geographical origin, recipes, videos, PDF-files, pictures etc. This way, the telephone acts as a multi-media player and "makes the product talk".

We also develop your mobile product profile.

scan2trace® traceability

Customer relationship management by dynamic information

There are 3 different kinds of traceability to be differentiated:

1. Fully dynamic traceability
2. Partially dynamic traceability
3. Static traceability

Starting with displaying the region of origin up to the precise display of the farm / grower scan2trace® can cover all varieties of traceability. For all product categories scan2trace® can provide the appropriate and perfect traceability solution.

All 3 scan2trace®-systems are compatible to each other and upgradable.

Please call us to discuss your ideas and needs.

Extended Advertising

Co-Branding – Customer relationship management by additional information and specials

  • Mobile partnerships
    with the retail
  • Scan & save
  • Press advertisement